Bright interior - photo examples of how to make it stylish and beautiful with your own hands. The best ideas for different rooms

The right choice of tones

It is important to choose the color scheme based on the principles of harmony and interior combinations. The modern, bright living room is filled with unique elements. Often the decor is based on the contrast of light walls and ceilings with dark floors and furniture. This is a classic option. However, in the “loft”, “eclectic”, and “modern” styles, quite bold decisions are welcomed. These include the arrangement of light furniture with completely white walls and ceilings, or the use of khaki tones, light wallpaper with dark patterns and abstract patterns.

Choosing furniture for a bright room

Even before the renovation is completed, people begin to worry about the question of what color to choose a sofa for a bright room. Each color has its own effect on mood, emotional and visual perception. Warm colors bring objects closer and provide a festive feeling. Cold ones are soothing.

Classic combination of red, white and black colors

Choosing furniture color

A light-colored room will combine furniture of absolutely any shade. The main thing is not to forget that each color has its own mood:

  • red – increases appetite, suitable for the kitchen, office, study, very dynamic;
  • orange – ideal for a teenager’s room, improves mood;
  • yellow - the living room looks beautiful in this color, it adds airiness and lightness;
  • green – relaxing, calming, suitable for modern design;
  • blue can be depressing, so it is not recommended for bedrooms, but it will look luxurious in a living room or office;
  • blue – airy, yet cool, quite appropriate in the kitchen;
  • purple is mysterious, but you need to be careful with it; if you dilute it slightly, it will be suitable for a children's room.

Green furniture is an excellent solution for a child’s room

Glossy set with lilac facades in a high-tech kitchen

It is advisable to select furniture and walls in the same color scheme. The sofa, wardrobe, bed should be in harmony with the wallpaper or paint.

Advantages of a bright living room

The bright interior of the living room makes the room truly royal. If the room is not very large, light design and decor will visually expand it. This is also successful when there is a lot of light in a small room and, moreover, the right types of contrasts are chosen.

A bright interior is very cozy, and when the room is located on the north side of a house or apartment, you simply cannot do without drapery in light shades.

Design options

For each room you can choose a special atmosphere based on light colors.

The bright interior of the living room will look better with shades of caramel, coffee with milk, highly diluted cocoa, and creme brulee. These colors will unobtrusively fill the room with warmth and light comfort, without attracting much attention to themselves and creating home comfort in an atmosphere of refined elegance.

Light shades will give the living room more space and light, so it will be pleasant for both family members and visiting guests to sit here. The nobility of delicate decoration or pieces of furniture will give the atmosphere an additional effect of sophistication.

A bedroom interior in light colors will delight the owners with charmingly calm shades of gold, champagne, elegant ivory or exquisite magnolias. This solution will help create a feeling of relaxation and dreaminess.

Psychologists advise decorating the bedroom in light colors, which will help you forget about all the problems of the world around you and enjoy the feeling of quality rest, fall asleep faster and wake up easier. Often bedrooms are complemented with delicate light blue or green tones.

Gray, silver, ash shades are more suitable for the office. They will bring a feeling of calm rigor and composure into the room and increase efficiency.

For the kitchen, beige shades are most often used; they are not as easily soiled as snow-white colors, but they look stylish and appetizing.

A dining room in soft colors will help recreate the atmosphere of the elegant beauty of old houses. Here you can add exquisite pink shades, yellow sunny flowers, use light doors in the interior and antique plates, furniture, and decor.

A children's room with light shades looks wider and brighter. For girls, the ideal solution would be to add elegant pink, purple or lilac tones; for boys, gray or blue shades are more suitable.

In the bathroom and toilet, white tones are mandatory; they emphasize the atmosphere of cleanliness and freshness of this room. Beige shades help give these rooms a feeling of calm and tranquility.

In the hallway, light colors are not very readily used, although such a solution will help to attract more light here.

A loggia decorated with light materials will add a little space. Here you can create an additional living room or an elegant crafts corner, arrange a sleeping place or arrange an elegant dining room.

Should I give preference to monochrome?

In the modern design of living room interiors, most designers recommend using monochrome, when literally everything is done in a single tone, from the walls to the furniture and the floor and ceiling. However, when the hall is located on the south side of the house or apartment, this solution is not entirely acceptable.

In this option, a bright living room with bright accents looks better. These could be a black chest of drawers or a wardrobe, bright pillows on pale-colored sofa upholstery.

Popular interior styles for a bright living room

In order for the room to have a harmonious look, you need to combine a light, realistic tone with some style that will not only emphasize it, but will also make the living room an original and unique place. At the moment, there are a wide variety of styles that actively use white or other soft shades.

Calm, pastel, airy shades of a light palette are perfect for the living room.

Modern style

This style most often uses pastel familiar shades, and in recent years shades such as pistachio, olive and cornflower blue have become popular. In this style, you definitely need to use several bright and contrasting colors in the interior, which will emphasize the light shades and add their own extravagant notes. This modern style will look very good not only in an apartment, but also in a country house.

A living room in a modern style will be perfectly complemented by light colors when decorating the interior.

Minimalism style

Decorating a room in this style requires not only a small number of pieces of furniture in the interior, but also the use of discreet shades. These can be light gray tones or beige, which will give the room a visually larger scale, while highlighting the uncluttered furniture.

A minimalist living room is always bright and open.

Important! To dilute the white shades, you can also use black.

Scandinavian style

This style is quite popular due to its simplicity and naturalness in design, and the predominance of delicate shades when decorating rooms in this style allows you to implement fashionable, modern trends that merge with the rustic style.

A Scandinavian-style living room looks especially bright.

Other styles

There are also many more commonly used styles, in which light shades predominate, creating coziness and tranquility from being there. These styles include Provence style, classic, French style and many others, where light colors are well combined with brighter and more saturated shades.

The main thing is that every square meter of the hall is decorated in the same style and supports the overall theme.

Bright details – the highlight of a bright interior

Indeed, when the whole room is filled with light, beige, light olive, soft lilac, cream, pistachio, blue, pink foam or apricot color prevail in the tone scheme, it is worth giving the interior some bright notes.

These include red ottomans by the sofa or coffee table, purple photo wallpaper among the lilac wallpaper and floor. Dark gray or black upholstery on a sofa and armchairs is welcome with light beige walls, a white ceiling and brown carpet.

Some rules for decorating a hall for optimal formation of space

The design of a bright living room involves a number of nuances, observing which you can achieve a beautiful effect and uniqueness. If preference is given to cold shades of drapery, then it is better to choose the rest of the solution in the same tones.

Cool green, gray, olive look unsurpassed with cool light beige or cream tones.

More floor

The floor in the living room should not be hidden under carpets or rugs. It is advisable not to overcrowd it with furniture, but it is important to leave a workspace to make the room visually more spacious.


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To expand the working area of ​​the hall, it is recommended to leave all corners free. In a small living room it is not forbidden to use mirrors. One option is a completely mirrored wall behind the sofa in a small cozy room.

Spatial images

To make a bright living room more attractive, it is advisable to frame it with appropriate decor. A bright living room with a fireplace looks great. It becomes a real highlight of the interior, especially if made in dark colors.

The solution looks good when three walls of a classic, light living room are plain beige or vanilla, and the fourth is draped with bright photo wallpaper.

If the room is spacious, you can choose a large pattern; for a small room it is better to find wallpaper with small patterns, either stripes or small patterns on light-colored wallpaper.

Recommendations for interior decoration

Let's look at the main materials used to decorate the room in light colors:


The simplest option is non-woven or vinyl wallpaper

If you choose white, it may seem boring. Whereas ivory color is often used. If you don’t want monotony, you can opt for wallpaper with a pale and almost invisible pattern.

The walls can also be painted. But it is necessary to first prepare the surface for painting. If it is not possible to perfectly level the surface, you can use drapery. But high-quality material will be expensive. Decorative plaster looks good.

To add life to your living room interior, add bright accents in the form of beautiful pillows, curtains or paintings.


Painting the surface white or beige is suitable. A modern option is suspended ceilings. Moreover, the surface can be either matte or glossy.

It is better to give preference to a neutral white or pearl ceiling


The choice of flooring is quite wide. These are linoleum, porcelain tiles, laminate, ceramic tiles, parquet or carpet. It all depends on the chosen style and financial capabilities. All these materials have a wide color base, so finding a coating in the right color will be easy;


Here you need to show all your restraint. It is important to avoid cluttering the space. But there is no need to merge the colors of furniture and walls. Therefore, it is recommended to buy furniture decorative elements several shades darker.

The color of the furniture should be at least slightly different from the shade of the walls

Beige tone in the living room interior

This is a basic shade that can be used to decorate the ceiling and walls. It is advisable to pave the floor in a dark tone. Black, gray and brown parquet look very good. According to the designers, decor of any color looks great against a beige background, therefore, when choosing this type of color, you can without hesitation buy any furniture you like and select the most daring decor.


Beige tones will give the room more warmth and comfort. They will look equally good with light and dark furniture, adding coziness to white colors and accentuating the elegance of dark furnishings.

Just like white, beige has many shade options. The most popular are sand, cream, coffee-milk, and woody shades. But in reality there are many more.

Light green

Saturated green will overwhelm the room and make the interior feel heavy and overwhelming. But soft green, grassy, ​​olive tones of the walls perfectly decorate the living room, in which dark furniture and decor in gray, blue, and beige shades will become bright accents.

Green pillows to match the walls and curtains will look beautiful on a dark sofa.

Light colors for upholstered furniture

Upholstered furniture is an integral attribute of any living room. Its most popular representative is the sofa. It not only decorates the room, but also creates an atmosphere of comfort.

The convenience and comfort of this piece of furniture influence the perception of the interior as a whole. As a result, you need to approach the choice of sofa wisely and responsibly. This is especially true for light upholstered furniture.

Professional designers give the following recommendations on this issue:

When choosing soft, light furniture for a living room decorated in light colors, make sure that it will not blend in with the walls. A difference of several shades is considered optimal. A good combination would be a snow-white sofa and sandy wallpaper or alabaster walls and a caramel-colored couch.

Upholstery fabric must be as practical as possible, easy to wash, wear-resistant and durable. The best option is genuine leather. But the cost of such a sofa will be quite high. Jacquard and suede upholstery looks good.

Choosing a sofa requires taking into account the layout of the room. For example, if the living room and kitchen are combined into one room, then light-colored upholstered furniture in such an interior should be placed as far as possible from the cooking area.

Photo of a bright living room

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