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About the magic corner for the kitchen: manufacturers and installation

Lack of space is the main problem of small kitchens. In such a room it can be problematic to install a full-fledged set, taking into account the space for each pan. You also need to think about household appliances.

A magical kitchen corner will help you put everything in its place. Kitchen furniture manufacturers are introducing a mechanism that doubles the capacity of the drawer. This is perfect for a small space! What a magic cabinet is, on what principle it works and how to install it, we will look into our article.

Main characteristics

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Smirnova Ekaterina Anatolevna

7 years of experience in interior design, professional architect

A real salvation for a tiny set is a smart kitchen corner. What is it? The structure is placed inside a box, most often a corner one, as it has greater capacity.

It consists of two baskets, one of which is attached to the base of the facade, and the second is installed inside. When you open the cabinet door, the entire structure slides out.

This idea was created for kitchens with a small area, which is understandable. However, nothing prohibits installing a magic cabinet in a large kitchen. This is very convenient in functional terms.

Peculiarities! The design is best suited for a corner cabinet. It is spacious and will accommodate larger baskets. This magical cabinet is ideal for a corner kitchen.

About magic

The magic of the cabinet begins with the fact that outwardly it does not stand out in any way, but once you open the door, everything will become clear. The main feature is that it makes it easier to find dishes. When you open the cabinet, the basket installed on the front will slide out first, and then the one inside. This way, all content will be visible.

There is no need to turn all the dishes upside down or reach into the farthest corner for the desired item. Access to any corner of the cabinet is completely open.

In addition to the main advantage, the kitchen magic corner has several more:

  1. Optimization and saving of internal space. Order in the kitchen will be ensured, as all utensils will have storage space. One basket can hold pots, and the second can hold small kitchen utensils.
  2. Easy to use and install. The magic locker is easy to install, which eliminates the need to seek help from specialists.
  3. Versatility. The Magic Corner is a versatile storage space thanks to its customizable options. If the design is supplemented with compartments, you can place kitchen appliances or small accessories in them.
  4. Strength and durability. Due to the fact that the structure is made of steel rods and wires, it is highly durable. A special galvanic coating protects the metal from corrosion and deformation. The shockproof magic corner will be an excellent place to store expensive kitchen utensils.

Reference. The design can withstand high loads - from 7 to 15 kg. This means that you can safely place heavy frying pans and pots in it without fear of the baskets breaking.

Despite the large number of advantages, the magic mechanism has one drawback. Its installation is possible if the cabinet is at least 50 cm deep and no more than 90 cm wide.

Don't worry that the baskets will collide during use. The design is thought out to the smallest detail and is equipped with a special lock. And closers ensure silent and easy sliding of baskets.

There are options for both right-handed and left-handed mechanisms, depending on where the corner is located. They are also divided into two parts, one of which does not move. Designs of this type come with the possibility of full or partial extension.

Design Features

To make the storage system convenient to use, one half of it is attached to the facade itself. As a rule, these are one or two baskets connected by hinges and levers to those located a level below and pushed into the “dead” zone of the cabinet. Just before you buy such a design, do not forget to clarify how the corner door in your set is oriented. This will determine whether the “right” or “left” mechanism is needed for the magic corner to work.

Due to the complex layout of the baskets, certain requirements are imposed on the corner cabinets:

  • depth not less than 50 cm;
  • width within 80-90 cm;
  • The size of the opening facade is selected in one of two ranges: 40-45 or 45-60 cm.

Such systems are filled by housewives from the heart, and the guides can experience high bending loads. Each basket can withstand from 5 to 19 kg of weight (depending on the manufacturer and the location of the shelf itself). To avoid deformation and failure of the mechanism, durable steel is used to manufacture such fittings. However, try not to overload the hinged sections mounted on the facade - they have the smallest load capacity (5-7 kg).

A nice bonus: most roll-out corners are equipped with closers, ensuring easy and almost silent closing of doors. The chrome coating is responsible for the decorative effect, which also protects the metal elements from corrosion. Such fittings fully meet the three basic requirements of a kitchen: functionality, durability and beauty.

Magic corner in the kitchen
System “Carousel”

Types and range

A magic corner can be chosen for any kitchen. The range of designs is quite wide. They all differ in the type of basket extension mechanism. Let's look at the most popular types of corners:

  1. Full extension is the most convenient option. Thanks to this design, the baskets are completely retractable from the cabinet. All contents are visible, and finding the desired item is not difficult. The only condition for installing such a corner is a spacious kitchen. The price of models starts from 16 and ends at 40 thousand rubles.
  2. Partial extension. The design extends only halfway and does not take up much space. For small kitchens this option is more successful. Outside the cabinet there will be a basket attached to the door, and the rest will remain inside. As a result, access to basic things will be open. The price of models varies from 8 to 12 thousand rubles.
  3. Carousel is a design without retractable baskets. Kitchen items can be placed in any compartment and easily accessed, as the carousel rotates around its axis. The model has an interesting appearance and, when opened, will be an excellent decor for the kitchen. It is better to store round containers in it: pots and jars.
  4. The combined system combines withdrawable and rotary sections. Designed for large cabinets and spacious kitchens. Accommodates a variety of kitchen utensils: from boxes with household appliances to cutting boards.
  5. A vertical corner is the most compact option. Can fit inside a cabinet up to 40 cm wide. The corner consists of several built-in drawers located inside the cabinet. The configuration of sections varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. Baskets can be made of wire or with enclosing sides, and they are also supplemented with sections for small utensils. If you wish, you can create your own unique corner.


According to their purpose, devices are divided into three types:

  • simple - the basket mechanism is attached to the door and extends when it is opened (if there is a small space or if part of it is occupied by a sink, there can be one basket);
  • retractable – two-basket, with full or partial exit;
  • combined - several options for fixed and drawers are combined.

Dimensions of kitchen cabinets, standards depending on the type of construction




Speaking about the types of magic corners, it should be said that the range of designs is very wide, especially if the kitchen is considered large in size. The most popular options are:

  1. Cabinets with full extension. When the door is opened, the drawers slide out completely; the inside of the case is empty. Everything that is stored on the shelves can be easily taken without even bending over. The only thing to consider is that there should be plenty of free space in front of the cabinet.
  2. With partial extension. The shelves attached to the inside of the facade will move out along with the door, and the lower or inner basket, having only partially moved out, will also become accessible. This option is preferable for kitchens with limited space.
  3. Carousels. This design can be used both in a lower cabinet and in a wall-mounted or vertical corner version. There are no retractable parts. There is a single axis on which rotating elements are attached: sectors, semicircles, ellipses, grids. The design depends on the location in the furniture. In some cases, it is possible not to close the inside with a blank door from prying eyes. It can also be replaced with plexiglass, and beautiful dishes can be stored on the rotating parts.
  4. Combined type. This is a combination of carousel mechanics and a retractable mesh on the door. The use of rotating and sliding compartments is possible in a large kitchen.

Full extension

With partial extension


Combined type


When choosing a magical kitchen corner, you should carefully study the market and manufacturers. Its strength and durability depend on the quality of the material, assembly and operation of the mechanism. Consider the most famous manufacturers:

  1. BLUM is an Austrian manufacturer of kitchen fittings. The arsenal of products consists of lifts, hinges, drawers and retractable structures. The company uses a high-quality BLUMOTION shock absorption system, which ensures smooth and silent closing of cabinets. Full extension designs can withstand up to 20 kg, and corner drawers - up to 65 kg. The products are distinguished by high quality, laconic design and durability.
  2. Vauth-Sagel is a German brand whose products are recognized as the best in the world. The peculiarity of the company is that it produces both economy-class and premium-class fittings. All products are distinguished by high quality, functionality and long service life. The manufacturer creates not just roomy, but also stylish smart corners that become a decoration for any kitchen.
  3. Hettich is a German manufacturer that offers a wide range of kitchen fittings: hinges, brackets, drawer systems and even lighting.
  4. Siro is another manufacturer from Austria. The company has been on the market for more than 60 years and still enjoys the trust of consumers. The brand presents not only internal, but also external fittings, helping to create a stylish interior. The use of traditional materials is a sign of German quality. However, technology is developing, and the company is not falling behind. Not long ago she launched a collection of unusual alloys.
  5. Agoform is a brand from Germany that produces kitchen accessories that are characterized by convenience and functionality. The manufacturer is not afraid to experiment and skillfully plays with a variety of shapes, textures and variations. The company has patented technology for working with plastic and rubber, which gives it an advantage over its competitors. The brand also has experience in applying all kinds of finishes to the front fittings, creating a fashionable and stylish design for any kitchen.
  6. Boyard is a brand that represents furniture fittings: handles and supports for furniture, retractable systems, mesh filling for the kitchen. Kitchen accessories are aimed at creating coziness and comfort, so each product is thought out to the smallest detail. The company is one of the few offering excellent quality at an affordable price.
  7. Kessebohmer is a company with a strong leading position in the market. Its galvanized fittings are known and appreciated all over the world. Famous furniture manufacturers actively cooperate with the brand, creating high-quality and durable products. All products are manufactured using special technology and undergo total quality control.

When choosing a magic corner, you should take a closer look at the listed manufacturers. The quality and reliability of their products are guaranteed.

Leading manufacturers

Let's consider the most famous players in the market of furniture fittings and retractable systems:

  • Kessebohmer (Germany). The fittings from this manufacturer are smooth and silent. Thanks to the Softstop mechanism, one small push is enough for both shelves to move into an accessible position. The special Anti Slip coating prevents items from sliding on the surface of the baskets when moving;

  • Blum (Austria). One of the most famous manufacturers of furniture fittings (closers, pull-out mechanisms, hinges, etc.). His own development is the Blumotion shock absorption system, which ensures silent and smooth closing of cabinets. Blum fittings for a smart corner in the kitchen can withstand up to 65 kg of weight, are highly durable and have a laconic design.
  • Rejs (Poland). Produces magic corners that attach to both the door and cabinet body. Loading capacity of products: 25–35 kg;
  • Vauth-Sagel (Germany). Since 1962, the company has been producing retractable storage systems, bottle holders and other kitchen accessories in different price categories: from economy to premium. The service life of the products is at least 10 years - Wout Zagel focuses on the stable operation of the mechanisms;

  • Hettich (Germany). Hettich is the largest family-owned company producing furniture fittings. In addition to magic corners, they produce a variety of hinges, metaboxes, tandemboxes, dryers, containers, baskets, bottle holders;

  • Boyard (Russia). The manufacturer Boyard offers a wide range of furniture components, fittings (rollers, supports, fastenings, hinges), extension systems for magic corners at affordable prices. SWIMBOX, B-box and SWIMBOX PRO systems, synchronization and full extension mechanisms ensure smooth movement of drawers and comfortable access to their contents;

  • Siro (Austria). For more than 60 years, the company has been producing products that are popular in Russia. Everything about their products is perfect - both functionality and appearance. At the same time, the brand does not stop there and is constantly expanding its line. For example, several years ago, products made from rare metal alloys appeared in the collection;

  • Agoform (Germany). A recognizable brand on the market. Its peculiarity is that the components are made not only of metal, but also of rubber and plastic, which ensures smoother running of the baskets and a longer service life. In addition, Agoform boasts a wide range.

When choosing a magic corner for your kitchen, take a closer look at the brands listed above - and purchase products only in trusted stores. It is not worth saving on baskets and components, since there is a risk of running into a fake at a tempting price. The service life of such a specimen and its appearance a year later will not please the owners.

Rules for choosing and caring for a corner

The first thing you need to know when choosing a magic corner for the kitchen is its purpose. The size and shape of the baskets depend on what utensils will be stored in the cabinet. For large dishes, you can choose baskets with mesh and large rods, and for smaller dishes, vice versa.

Particular attention should be paid to the extension mechanism. If there is enough free space next to the corner, a full extension will do. If the kitchen is small and you need to save space, use a partial extension. This corner will look more like a traditional closet.

The third important rule is that you need to take into account the maximum weight of the cookware. In order for the product to last a long time, you need to take care of it and not overload the baskets. Larger dishes should be stored in the lower basket, and smaller utensils should be placed in the upper basket.

Expert opinion

Smirnova Ekaterina Anatolevna

7 years of experience in interior design, professional architect

Pay attention to the contents and packaging. All parts must be in place. The most important thing is the presence of instructions. It is not difficult to install a corner on your own, but without detailed instructions the process may take a long time.

An important nuance of placing a kitchen corner (especially in small kitchens) is its installation under the sink. Due to the small area of ​​the room, this method is the most successful. However, you need to take into account the location of pipes and siphons: they can complicate the process of extending the baskets, so preference should be given to full extension with a maximum door opening of 95 degrees.

Such a mechanism will fit perfectly into the kitchen dimensions and will help to perfectly organize the space.

When installing a corner under the sink, it is imperative to use high-quality and moisture-resistant materials. The service life and operation of the product depends on this.

Magic corner for the kitchen

Small kitchenettes are one of the main problems of most modern housewives. In a small room it is difficult to place all the necessary equipment, leaving also space for cooking.

Therefore, you have to choose modern compact furniture that combines several functions at once. An example of such furniture is the so-called magic kitchen corners.

Design advantages

First, let's figure out what such a corner is and what's magical about it. It consists of two baskets hidden inside the cabinet, which slide out when opened. One of the baskets is attached to the base of the facade. And the second one fits inside. Both of them are complemented by special hanging elements.

When the corner door is closed, they are located at the far counter. And only when it opens, the nets stop opposite the doorway, moving out. It turns out that when you open such a cabinet, first one drawer comes out of the grid, followed by the second.

The design was created specifically for tiny kitchens in which it is impossible to accommodate a full-fledged set. A magic corner will allow you to significantly save space, while placing all the necessary things in their places.

The second advantage of such furniture is that it is extremely easy not only to use, but also to install. You can install such a structure yourself, without the help of paid specialists.

In addition, the design allows you to make full use of all the free space in the cabinet itself. After all, very often, when folding things, we use only the front part of the shelves.

At the back, there is either free space left, or things that no one uses are installed. In the case of a magic corner, the opposite is true and all parts are involved - both the base of the structure and its hanging parts.

Sometimes the basic structure is complemented by special compartments for storing dishes, accessories, cutlery and various household items. And in the main compartment you can store pots and pans of different sizes or deep bowls.

This type of design is very durable, which means you can not be afraid to store even expensive and fragile dishes in it.

Due to the fact that the main parts are made of steel rods and wire, the structure will serve you for as long as possible. And to protect metal parts from corrosion under the influence of moisture and temperature changes, galvanic coating is used.

In addition, it is able to withstand quite large loads. The baskets can hold from seven to fifteen kilograms. This means that inside you can place not only plates, but also heavy cast iron pots and pans.

For maximum comfortable use, the magic corner is divided into two main parts - right and left. The location of the moving part depends on where your corner is located. One of the sides does not move during this installation. Designs of this type come with the possibility of full or partial extension.

Retractable mechanisms are also different. But it is best to choose ball ones. Their main advantage is that they do not create additional noise. In addition, the drawers slide out softly and smoothly.

How to choose

But when buying a “magic corner”, you should focus not only on the brand, but also on other important parameters. Be sure to consider the size of your room.

Expert opinion

Smirnova Ekaterina Anatolevna

7 years of experience in interior design, professional architect

The corner should fit well into your set and not take up additional space when opened. Reviews from those who have already bought similar furniture will help you understand whether the corner you have chosen is of high quality.

Well, if you plan to save on the services of craftsmen, then make sure that the corner comes with a simple and understandable installation diagram.

A magic corner for the kitchen is amazing furniture with an interesting mechanism that allows you to save a lot of free space.

Tips for choosing

When ordering or installing a magical structure in your kitchen yourself, you should pay attention to some nuances:

  1. When choosing furniture, you need to rely not only on the popularity of the manufacturer, but also on reviews of the quality of the product.
  2. Take into account the dimensions of the room where the set and miracle mechanism will be installed, because the model should be built into ready-made furniture without any problems and not take up additional space not provided for in the project.
  3. Determine the purpose of the section. If you plan to place cauldrons or cauldrons, baskets with large, strong, sparsely woven rods are sufficient. To store small items, it is better to order fine-mesh mesh or shelves made of solid sheets of metal.
  4. It is important to decide which extension mechanism is available in size. If the space allows the use of full extension, then it is more convenient to use the sections extending beyond the headset. For a standard or small kitchen, it is better to choose a partial extension so as not to move furniture that gets in the way every time.
  5. The weight of dishes and other kitchen appliances should be taken into account in advance to avoid further deformation of parts, fasteners, and doors. Store lighter items on the front and heavier items on the inside. The same should be done with the carousel. Its mechanism involves placing large dishes, but in this case you should consider the size of the shelves and their number.

The nuances of placing corner furniture for a small kitchen, photos of interiors

If the corner is located under the sink, then the hanging section will be small to accommodate supplies of kitchen sponges, napkins, and towels. The moving part can be quite massive. It is better to store detergents, lids from pots, pans, stands, and household appliances in it.

Product quality

Room dimensions

Purpose of the section

Extension mechanism

Weight of dishes and kitchen appliances

Magic corner for the kitchen - 3 types of mechanism and features of use

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