7 rules for creating the interior of a studio apartment

Living in a one-room apartment has many advantages. Of course, this saves you a lot of money, but it can also prevent you from accumulating a lot of unnecessary things. A small living space is easier to keep clean. Plus, with less space, you can be more picky about choosing the best furniture for your studio apartment to keep it cozy and stylish.

Apartment layout

Before you go shopping for furniture for a one-room studio apartment, you need to think a little about the layout of the apartment. If living space is limited, it will be difficult to make the most of every square centimeter. But this can be done with the help of a floor plan.

Draw a studio plan and come up with the ideal layout for yourself. Once you have a clearer idea of ​​what your living space will look like, it's time to start selecting furniture.

Studio furniture

Studio furniture is important because it creates the backdrop for the interior. Arranging furniture in a small space is always a challenge, and this is especially true if it is a bedroom, living room, dining room, work space and kitchen all rolled into one.

If several rooms are located on the same surface, then you should choose structures that can be placed against the wall. As a result, the center of the apartment will remain empty, and its space will seem larger. Movable furniture such as folding tables and chairs are a practical option.

Carefully dividing the kitchen area by installing an extended bar counter is also a popular solution.

Cabinet cabinets

One cabinet wardrobe for a studio may not be functional enough if there are a lot of things in the apartment.

In this case, you can choose a partition cabinet that will be wide and deep enough to put everything you need in it, but will also serve as a zoning studio. You can move such a cabinet throughout the room, placing it as it suits you. Unlike built-in furniture, it is mobile and, if desired, can be removed from the apartment altogether - for example, transported to the country house.

The partition cabinet performs the following functions:

  • dividing the room into zones;
  • multifunctional furniture (it can be combined with a computer desk, folding bed, library shelving);
  • "highlights" of the interior.

In small apartments, cabinet cabinets can look massive. But this can always be avoided if you think about the external design of the furniture - choose glass or mirror facades, provide open shelves.


Space distribution is one of the first problems that studio apartment owners face. The fact that there are no walls to separate different areas of a studio apartment does not mean that you cannot divide the space yourself. It's easy to create several small rooms using furniture partitions.

Bookshelves, small cabinets and folding screens are good examples of furniture that can help divide a space and provide much more storage space, especially for book lovers and collectors. Rugs and curtains can also help define where the bedroom, living room and kitchen are located.

Spot layout

The standard layout of studio apartments consists of four functional areas: kitchen, dining room, living room and bedroom. However, such a set may not fully satisfy the needs of the resident. Some, for example, do not need a full-fledged kitchen, since they rarely cook at home; for others, it is important to have at least a small work area. When thinking through the design of a small-sized apartment, decide which functional areas you are ready to reduce. This way you will be able to allocate space for what you need: using the saved meters, for example, you can organize a library with a place for reading or a corner for handicrafts.

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Photo No. 2: 7 rules for creating the interior of a studio apartment
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When thinking about the interior design of a small apartment, take into account all the possibilities of your studio and even its shortcomings - niches, window sills, useless nooks may come in handy. You can squeeze household appliances into them, organize additional storage systems, or set up a home office.

Photo No. 3: 7 rules for creating the interior of a studio apartment
Photo: livinator.com

Just distribute the proportions wisely. Consider the layout so that the bed does not accidentally end up at the front door or on the aisle. It is better to bring the dressing room and kitchen to the foreground, allocate the main part of the living area as a living room, and the furthest part from the entrance as a bedroom. Below is a design project for a studio with two windows and dedicated seating areas.

Photo No. 4: 7 rules for creating the interior of a studio apartment
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Main focus

Furniture is comfortable and practical, but it can also help decorate your living space. Choosing one or two focal points will serve as the basis for the decor of the apartment. For example, if you have a nice bookshelf, you can place it in the middle of the room to act as a wall between the living room and kitchen.

You can also buy a sofa in a bright color and then find some decorative accessories that will go well with it. If all the furniture doesn't match, the decor can feel overwhelming in such a limited setting.

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Quality furniture

In addition to the aesthetic and functional properties of the furniture, it is necessary to focus on the quality of the materials from which it is made. Instead of hunting for a great deal on a lot of furniture, buy just a few quality pieces that will look great and be more durable.

Antique and retro

High-quality furniture can be expensive, but this should not overburden the family budget. If you have antique pieces of furniture, you can restore them yourself or contact specialists. Antiques can also be purchased at auctions or consignment stores.

This furniture is well suited for furnishing studio apartments in classic, Provençal and retro styles. This is a great option for people on a budget.


Multifunctional kits will help you make the most of your space. For example, a folding bed can be a comfortable sofa and additional storage space.

A coffee table can serve as additional storage space and a decorative element. The possibilities are endless.

Smart storage solutions

Every home needs storage space, and a small studio apartment needs smart solutions that don't take up much space. For example, an ottoman, a coffee table with several storage drawers, a chest, wicker baskets, wall shelves, book dividers with additional cabinets.

A little ingenuity will go a long way in creating a cozy interior, even when living spaces are limited to one room.

Options for choosing and arranging furniture

In view of the layout features of a studio apartment, when choosing furniture, first of all you should decide on the location of the bedroom and living room. Once the location has been determined, you should proceed to measuring and purchasing furniture. More and more furniture options designed for small studio apartments are appearing on the market.

  • Sofa. It is recommended to choose a sliding one; this is the most convenient option for a small apartment.
  • Armchairs, poufs. In order not to overload the space, armchairs and poufs should not be massive. An armchair with thin legs and elegant poufs are an excellent solution for a studio.
  • Bed. You should choose depending on the needs of the home owners; the size of the bed may vary, but again you should choose multi-purpose products: the presence of sliding shelves, for example, will allow you to save on a chest of drawers.
  • Table. A bar counter can replace a dining table; also, for these purposes, you can purchase a small folding table, which can also be used as an interior element.
  • Chairs, stools. Stylish chairs and stools will fit perfectly into the design of a studio apartment; it is important that these pieces of furniture are not bulky and do not take up much space. Bar stools are a popular solution for a studio kitchen.

Low sofa in a small room
Furniture should be placed so that there are passages for comfortable movement

It is noteworthy that with the help of furniture you can achieve the effect of competent zoning of space.

Built-in wardrobe with sliding doors
It is best to use built-in wardrobes for storing things and clothes.

Furniture size

The size of the apartment and architectural features play a key role in choosing furniture that can fit comfortably in a studio. It is recommended to select items that correspond to the scale of the apartment - ceiling height and actual floor area.

For example, a sectional sofa that takes up most of the available space leaves little room for accent tables, shelving, an entertainment center, bookcases or additional seating. Instead of giant sectionals, opt for a compact sofa with a pair of matching armchairs to create a comfortable and inviting environment.


Aesthetic properties are of great importance when choosing an interior design style. It can be: minimalism, modern, classic, Scandinavian, Provence, loft and more. It all depends on the personal preferences of the owners.

An easy solution is to choose transitional furniture pieces that combine both traditional and modern features. They are built with straight lines, with slight curves and pointed or slightly rounded corners.

Wood pieces and chunky legs on sofas and chairs are typically dark brown to jet black tones with a satin finish. Choose upholstery fabrics to suit your lifestyle and taste. For example:

  • The classic leather sofa is durable and suitable for any decor;
  • Budget-friendly microfiber upholstery, suitable for children and pets, available in a wide range of colors and patterns, including animal prints.

You can complement the decor with an unexpected color accent in the form of an updated antique cabinet in bright orange, yellow or blue.

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Accent tables with mirror or glass tops reflect light, making small rooms feel more spacious.

Double furniture

There are a few different ways to make the most of your furniture choices in a studio apartment. Most importantly, the furniture should fit the space.

Important! Don't buy anything too bulky or oversized.

Save precious studio space by choosing furniture pieces that do double duty. An ottoman storage bench serves multiple purposes: a comfortable place to rest your feet, a place to set drinks and snacks, and a gaming table.

It is also recommended to choose seats that can also be used for sleeping, for example, a folding chair or a sofa with a small folding bed.

Use the folding table for work during the day and as a place to dine in the evening.

Furniture designs

Most studio apartments have unused space on the wall or in the corner. Plasterboard and wood shelves are great for small spaces as they provide an economical storage solution that can sometimes eliminate the need for entire pieces of furniture.

Instead of a tall bookcase, you can opt for a floor-to-ceiling shelf. Or, better yet, designs placed close to the ceiling can look especially charming.

Fans of original solutions will love the built-in wall niches, which serve a practical and decorative function.


The size of the bathroom in the studio apartment is modest. To save space, the toilet and bath are combined. The main requirement that is placed on it is convenience and functionality. The room must have a closet, washbasin and shower. The color design must match the style chosen for the arrangement of the entire apartment.

If you install a shower stall with glass doors, you will visually increase the free space in the room. It is better to place the washbasin in the corner. This way it will take up little space and allow you to use space that often goes unused. In order not to burden the interior, use a cabinet without legs. There is free space underneath.

light style studio option 20 sq.m.
To save space, the toilet and bath are combined

option for a beautiful studio decor of 20 sq.m.
The design of the bathroom should be combined with the style chosen for the entire apartment

It is not difficult to make the interior of a small apartment beautiful and functional. A carefully thought-out project, correctly selected color design and compact furniture will help with this. This housing design will be spacious and look expensive.

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Small studio apartment

A particularly small studio apartment simply won't have room for a coffee table, let alone large surfaces like a modular dining table. An elegant multifunctional solution that, when unfolded, can be used as a dining or office table, and when assembled as a dressing table or sideboard.

Depending on the size of the room and the height of the ceiling in the studio apartment, it is recommended to use a bunk bed. There are many unique models designed for adults that can be a great way to save space in a small room.

If the apartment has low ceilings, then a bunk bed can visually make the room smaller; in this case, it is best to use a folding sofa or a transformable bed. In studio apartments with high ceilings you can install a loft bed.

Features of the arrangement of a studio apartment

Every studio owner asks the same question - where to start arranging an apartment? Typical panel new buildings assume the presence of standard apartments of regular square and rectangular shape. New one-room apartments are easy to arrange and divide into zones, using every square meter of the room.

Workplace near the TV in the living room
Small studio apartments are most often chosen by married couples, bachelors or young girls

Desk near the window in a studio apartment
Proper space planning will allow you to arrange all the necessary areas in the apartment

Already at the zoning stage and before furnishing the studio apartment with furniture, you should begin to delimit public and private spaces. In terms of design and stylistic decisions, it is necessary to adhere to the concept of minimalism and restraint.

In the interior of an apartment with limited square meters, it is better to use light shades as the main color and rich color accents in contrasting tones.

Furniture display cases

Before decorating the interior, you should think about what style to decorate the room. Of course, the most important thing here is the furniture (although accessories can give the room its own unique character). When arranging a room, it is worth considering furniture display cases and chests of drawers. These pieces are extremely practical and can also make a room feel more chic.

Furniture display cases are usually a standing cabinet with glass fronts. In the case of narrow models, this piece of furniture is often called a wall. Hanging models are also available. Their versatility allows you to create interesting compositions in the interior.

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Smaller models can be combined with an RTV table to create a practical version of a modern wall unit. Larger and more massive sets are an excellent place to store dishes not only in the dining room, but also in the living room.

Depending on your taste, you can choose minimalist, simple forms without unnecessary ornaments or more rich and decorative forms. The use of these items does not have to be limited to the living room or kitchen. This furniture can be a good solution even in the bathroom. Here, of course, it is important to choose models that match the design of the room.

The most important thing is the color. If the studio is designed in dark colors, the optimal solution would also be to choose dark brown or black designs. This model will look really impressive if there is decorative lighting inside.

Furniture display cases are not only decorative, but also a practical solution for the interior. The ability to store various items in them, such as porcelain figurines or dishes, allows you to add even more style to the room.

When choosing a piece of furniture of this type, it is worth choosing a model that will fit well with the style of the rest of the furniture in the studio.

Features of choice

The choice of furniture for a studio apartment usually depends on the interior design. In a small room, the closet will always stand out and therefore its external design should be in perfect harmony with the surrounding environment. For example, if the decoration is made in light gray tones, then a cabinet in rich colors (red, purple, yellow) will fit perfectly.

Furniture can be original in form: not only in the form of a partition, but also in combination with low mini-shelves that serve as original dividers.

To properly place furniture in the studio you need:

  • start from the size of the closet (height, width, depth) and the number of things that will be placed in it;
  • decide whether you need separate zones in the living room or not;
  • choose the right color scheme;
  • choose a cabinet with facades that are made of materials that are easy to visually perceive - glass, mirrors, plastic.

The main thing is that the furniture does not pointlessly clutter up the space, but performs all the functions it should: storing all the things in the house and possibly dividing the room into separate parts for different purposes (rest, study).

Sometimes it makes sense to order a 3D project and make sure that the cabinet model you choose is ideal for your studio apartment.

Modular furniture, or the benefits of a variety of configurations

Trends in the world of furniture change from time to time - that's obvious. It happens that a piece of furniture that triumphs in one season is outdated in the next. However, it is often the case that this type is extremely fashionable over the years.

This is the case with modular furniture. Their most important advantage is the ability to create individual and unique compositions using ready-made elements.

Thanks to this, regardless of the size of the room, it is possible to design a room that meets expectations in terms of usability. Modular furniture sets consist of several elements - these are, as a rule, chests of drawers, tall cabinets, corners and tables. This set is suitable for any studio, regardless of its size.

Modular furniture is a solution that is extremely attractive for interiors with an unusual layout. For example, a chest of drawers may differ in the number of drawers, cabinets and other elements.

The choice of each part contributes to the diversity of the entire set and the way individual elements are arranged. The result can be the acquisition of truly unique equipment.

Practical system furniture

Designers of modern system furniture are trying to ensure that their designs allow the creation of truly functional sets. Many of them have dual functionality - during the day they create, for example, a wardrobe with a pull-out top that allows you to work on a computer, and at night, by pulling out the moving elements, they can create a sleeping sofa.

Thus, modular furniture has many advantages. These sets can be used in the studio, as well as in separate rooms: living room, bedroom and kitchen. Depending on the size of the room and architectural features, it can be positioned in such a way that daily use is truly ergonomic.

Built in furniture

The easiest way is to buy a custom-made built-in wardrobe, since it is cheaper and will fit into any apartment. The wider the studio space, the more opportunities for original furniture placement.

The built-in wardrobe will allow you to:

  • visually increase the size of the room;
  • make the most of niches, corners in the studio, as well as space up to the ceiling;
  • make the furniture an extension of the wall (if you choose the right color and texture).

Part of a large room can be fenced off to create a built-in wardrobe - this will allow you to collect all your things in one place and free the rest of the room from cabinets and chests of drawers. In the dressing room you can place not only clothes, but also shoes, household appliances, bags, suitcases.

If the studio is small, then instead of a dressing room you can limit yourself to a built-in wardrobe. It can be located along the wall or in the shape of the letter “L” - it all depends on the layout and the style you choose.

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