Choosing a sliding system for heavy hanging sliding doors

Hinged doors for wardrobes

The sliding wardrobe is the most modern type of storage product. It allows you to save surrounding space and organize the storage of things most efficiently. The convenience and service life of the cabinet depends on the quality of the door leaf and especially the chosen method of opening the doors.

The hanging system for sliding wardrobes is a set of sliding doors equipped with top-supporting or bottom-supporting rollers.

Tips for choosing

Before you go to the store, you should study the recommendations for choosing furniture guides:

  1. The width of the profile must correspond to the dimensions of the facade and the diameter of the wheels.
  2. When installing the part, an open rail is installed at the bottom, which regularly becomes clogged with dust and hair. To prevent the mechanism from malfunctioning, it should be cleaned in a timely manner.
  3. When choosing an upper profile to protect laminate, parquet or linoleum, special wheels must be installed below; their size depends on the dimensions of the remaining parts of the door system.
  4. The combined design, when the guides are mounted at the top and bottom, is the most durable, since the facades are held on both sides.
  5. Based on the shape of the canvas, the guides can be linear or radial. The latter allow you to introduce more interesting design solutions, for example, creating curved facades. Such parts are made mainly of aluminum, their cost is higher.

Review of the main models of sliding wardrobes, tips on selection and placement

To make using the wardrobe comfortable and for the door opening mechanism to last for a long time, you should choose high-quality guides. It is better if they are made of aluminum alloy. In addition, when purchasing, you must check the quality certificate and clarify the warranty periods of the product.

The width of the profile must correspond to the size of the rollers and the facade

The combined system is considered the most reliable

Radius guides allow the installation of semicircular facades

Characteristics of the suspension system

The hanging system for sliding wardrobes looks good in classic sliding wardrobes, corner and non-standard shapes.

The furniture market offers cabinets with bottom-support and top-support sliding systems. The lower support provides for a mortise or overhead installation method. It allows you to install the canvas to the floor.

The system includes closers that allow you to close the doors carefully.

The suspended design consists of rollers and a guide made of aluminum profile with a special coating. It also has closers that ensure smooth movement of the doors without much effort.

The mechanism includes an aluminum profile with a special coating.

Cabinets with top rails are slightly more expensive. In a top guide system, the mechanism is open. Mandatory design of the upper part of the canvas is required. Usually during manufacturing decorative elements are used to close the mechanism.

This system allows rational use of living space.

Important! Installation with top rails is more complex. Fastening must be done by professionals or if you have certain skills when installing it yourself.

There are several types of suspension systems:

  • Roller. The roller is located inside a rail-type guide. Top or bottom roller mounting;
  • Frame. The profile is made of steel or aluminum. Aluminum profile is more resistant to abrasion and more durable. Its use is preferable, but it costs more;
  • No frame. The system may become deformed due to temperature changes or high humidity levels in the room. The service life is shorter than other types. Cheaper option;
  • Radial. They are usually used in products of non-standard configuration.


The variety of types of sliding systems for sliding wardrobes on the domestic market today is amazing. The choice is huge, which sometimes only confuses the buyer. Moreover, all types of sliding wardrobe systems are quite original.

According to the material of manufacture

If low-quality materials are used in the manufacturing process, then such furniture will not last long. Therefore, when selecting a model, it is important to pay attention to what kind of material was used to create the sliding system, two doors, the body of the product; if there is an insert on the facade made of a different material, it must also be of high quality.

The following materials are used today to create sliding systems for sliding wardrobes:

  • Stainless steel - it is used to manufacture economy class systems. High reliability, long service life, practicality, and functionality determine the use of aluminum for the manufacture of sliding systems. Furniture with such fittings will last a very long time if it is treated with care, but the service life and quality of the aluminum version are still more impressive;
  • aluminum profiles are used for luxury models, since their cost significantly exceeds the cost of steel systems. Frames for doors and rails are created from thin-walled extruded profiles. They are distinguished by excellent performance parameters and affordable cost. Such doors move smoothly, without noise, but they are less reliable than aluminum. Another disadvantage is the high cost. It may scare away some buyers from the desire to purchase a model with an aluminum sliding system. Also, more expensive designs use anodized aluminum profiles for sliding systems, which can have several colors (matte gold, matte silver, bronze with an aging effect) or are lined with PVC film imitating the pattern of natural wood.



Depending on the shape of the door and the presence of a frame

Models may differ in the shape of the door, as well as the presence of a frame in the sliding system. Based on these characteristics, the following types of sliding systems are distinguished:

  • roller models with mechanisms in the form of a separate suspension fixed on the door leaf and roller. The roller is placed inside the rail profile, so the door slides smoothly and quietly;
  • frameless systems are the most economical option, in which there are no profiles at all, and the rollers are fixed directly on the door panel. But it is worth noting that the service life of such structures is the shortest. They wear out quickly, losing functionality due to swelling or deformation of chipboard sheets;
  • frame system - aluminum or steel is used to create such mechanisms. Doors with dividers look laconic and stylish. The first option is two to three times more expensive, but lasts longer. We also note that steel doors can be deformed, since they are hollow inside;
  • systems for radius models for sliding wardrobes have non-standard contours, therefore, in the process of their manufacture, not straight, but bent profiles with semicircular bends are used. Such mechanisms are developed for each model, taking into account the features of its configuration.

A beautiful photo of cabinets with a radius system is presented below.




For radius cabinet

By type of guides

Nowadays, a buyer can choose a good-quality sliding wardrobe on the domestic market with a comfortable sliding door system with or without a dividing element. Note that all models of such furniture differ in the type of guides used. These elements are responsible for the assembly of the compartment door and the smooth movement of the rollers during the operation of the cabinet.

Guides for sliding systems are divided into groups, namely:

  • upper, lower, depending on the installation location;
  • single, double, depending on the number of doors in the structure.

The type of guides used determines the price category of the model, which is important to remember when choosing a sliding wardrobe for your home.



Types of hinged doors

  1. Hinged door. The canvas is suspended on the upper fittings and fixed on the lower one;
  2. Support door. The wings are supported by the lower rollers, and the upper fittings are used to fix and support the door. They are easier to install and cost less, but the sashes may have play relative to the line of movement.
  3. Combined. The shutters are fixed on both profiles (there is no play). The design is the most reliable and expensive.

The design has proven its versatility, which is why it is used in the manufacture of sliding wardrobe doors, which can be installed in any room of the apartment.

Step-by-step mounting instructions

Let's consider the installation of the most common hanging system based on the lower profile for sliding wardrobes.

The loss of running carriages is prevented due to the strong fixation of the array in the doorway and the shape of the profile.

Sequence of actions when attaching:

  • install the upper fittings (guide profile). When fastening there should be no gap between the ends of the profile and the side walls. For fixation, you can use screws with countersunk heads or self-tapping screws;
  • adjust the movement of the roller;
  • install the lower guide profile;
  • install the door travel limiter corner.

The suspension system allows each door to withstand loads of up to one hundred kilograms.

Types and installation methods

Based on the placement method, there are two types of guides: upper and lower. The most reliable are considered to be combined systems in which both types of profiles are installed.

The top rails for a sliding wardrobe are so called because of the installation method - they are mounted on the upper horizontal. Using special fasteners, the facade is fixed suspended on the profile; movement from below is ensured by support wheels. In wardrobes, a double system is often used, when the door is held not only by the upper guide, but also by the lower one. This allows you to secure the door leaf as securely as possible.

The upper guide rail is mounted using simple self-tapping screws, sometimes a press washer is used. Sequence of work:

  1. At a distance of approximately 30 cm from each other, holes are made in the profile with a drill with a diameter of 4 mm.
  2. The guide is applied to the upper section and leveled.
  3. The part is screwed with the selected fastening hardware.

The bottom guides for a sliding wardrobe have a similar type of device, only the profile is screwed at the bottom. Installation of the part is quite simple:
  1. Holes are drilled in the profile for confirmations or self-tapping screws.
  2. The structure is moved inward by a couple of sentiments. To ensure level placement, you must use a level.
  3. When the correct installation location is found, the profile is fixed with self-tapping screws.

Purpose of rollers for sliding wardrobes, methods of installing elements

To ensure a reliable door opening system, it is recommended to use both types of guides. If the facade is fixed only from the top or bottom, the mechanism will not last long.

Since the guide profile installed below goes inside the cabinet structure, it is worth making sure that when moving the door does not touch baskets, shelves and other filling elements.

The best models of the hanging system

There are products from many manufacturers on the market. The best models are:

  • Aristo is a high-strength profile with a wide range of colors. Estimated service life up to 30 years;
  • Versal – perfect dimensional accuracy of profiles, easy installation. Estimated period of use is up to 18 years;
  • Komandor - with increased tensile strength and a more advanced design of the lower roller.

HfTTich, Hafle and Marbella profiles are also popular.

Thus, an atmosphere of comfort is created when using sliding wardrobes due to the silent movement of the doors.

Important! It is not recommended for specialists to buy cheap models. The design is not particularly reliable and can quickly fail. There will be more problems instead of convenience and efficiency of use.

Sliding wardrobes are compact, multi-functional, large capacity, and easy to use. They replace numerous cabinets with doors. The hanging system is an ideal solution for attaching door leaves. Convenient and aesthetically attractive conditions are created for access to the contents of the cabinet and for its smooth closing.

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